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Pure Fuels

Cleaner, Greener & Saving You Money

We are a London based solution to the city’s transport, heating and waste needs.


We collect used cooking oils in London and the South East and process them into environmentally friendly fuels. Our fuel can be used to power car and vehicle engines, generate electricity, and can be used as boiler heating oil or for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications.


Pure Fuels process produces virtually no waste, whilst ensuring we are committed to continuously manufacturing high-quality biodiesel. The Environment Agency confirms our biodiesel as having a Low Environmental Impact, taking into consideration waste management, emissions, liquid, and air and noise pollution. 


Our aim is to continually increase our recycling rates, reduce the waste we produce and improve our energy efficiency; all achieved in a safe working environment at our production site. We are covered by full product and employers’ liability insurance.

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