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WASTE into

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What we do

Pure Fuels process waste oils and fats into industry leading biofuels that work 24/7

  • proven over tens of millions of miles​

  • in 50-100% concentrations

  • in advanced Euro 6 engines

  • a 40 strong fleet

  • fulfilling blue chip contracts

  • saving 84% GHG emissions

  • working towards the UK meeting 2050 Net Zero


Pure Fuels have achieved an industry leading biofuel technology standard


R100 BioDiesel


  • made from the wastes rejected by mainstream biodiesel production

  • a drop in diesel fuel

  • costs the same as mineral diesel


  • delivers genuine carbon savings

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When you realise R100 can be made from the waste stream emitting from a major biodiesel plant you begin to grasp how cutting edge the technology is

R100 is the result of 20 years of developing proprietary reaction methods, processing techniques & bespoke fuel making equipment to achieve

  • a fuel tested to EN14214 and beyond

  • to ensure it works problem free

  • over millions of miles

  • in 50% to 100% concentration

EN 14214                    


Over the years the R100 fuel making process has been used on waste stream feedstocks emitting from many major biodiesel plants


The R100 process transforms the most difficult feedstocks into EN14214 

and beyond

see the difference

The production of R100 is part of our aim to totally recycle waste oil and fat



Looking to the future we are developing a less energy intensive process to produce an ultra low emission glycerin fuel 

G100 bioglycerin

  • runs a converted diesel generator

  • produces genuine green electricity


  • emits over 90% less emissions compared to mineral diesel 

We are ready.. are you?

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