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R100's Carbon Savings

Queens University Belfast's analysis of R100's CO2 savings has been calculated by using the Freemans Transport fleet’s Mercedes Fleetboard data:


R100 in a B60 blend achieves CO2 savings across the fleet 

  • 1.6kg/lit relative to mineral diesel 

  • 1.41kg/lit relative to B7 diesel

Relative to B7 that equates across the fleet to


  • weekly savings of 64,000 kgCO2 

  • annual savings of over 3,300 MtCO2 

Queens University concluded


  • further savings can be calculated as this is a waste-to-energy fuel

  • therefore the whole life factor would be 80-85% (rather than the 45-65% factor for vegetable oil biodiesel)

R100 is recognized by the DfT as

  • biodiesel a 100% renewable fuel

  • carbon intensity 14.9gCO2eq/MJ


  • lifetime GHG emission saving of 84% relative to fossil fuel comparator for transport of 94 gCO2eq/MJ

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