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Meeting Our Environmental and Financial Challenges

R100 BioDiesel

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proven over millions of miles...

...biofuel from waste that works

Pure Fuels R100 BioDiesel decarbonises

  • road haulage, agriculture and electricity generation

  • blue chip contracts

  • meeting 2030 CO2 saving targets today

  • working towards meeting 2050 Net Zero


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R100 is a 100% renewable biodiesel

  • useable in up to 100% concentration

  • with no conversions

  • truly sustainable - made from biofuel factory waste streams

  • using in house processing knowledge and equipment

  • designed, refined and proven over the last 20 years 


and crucially 


  • the financials stack up

  • it runs in the lorries

  • meets EN14214


take that for our company ethos


  • proven over tens of millions of miles 

  • an affordable

  • truly sustainable fuel

  • that works 24/7

  • and delivers​


This knowledge and experience makes Pure Fuels uniquely placed in helping business meet


both environmental and financial challenges today. 

R100 is recognized by the DfT as

  • biodiesel a 100% renewable fuel

  • carbon intensity 14.9gCO2eq/MJ 

  • lifetime GHG emission saving of 84% (relative to the fossil fuel comparator for transport of 94 gCO2eq/MJ).

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