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Transforming Waste into Biofuels

Pure Fuels state of the art biofuel production techniques and processes provide the potential for the total recovery of useful energy and renewable products from any waste cooking oil and fat creating cutting edge quality biofuels



R100 an advanced biodiesel made from waste with superior EN14214 characteristics that can be used in up to 100% concentration in Euro 6 engines

R100 is a drop in renewable diesel and is the result of 20 years of our own R&D to eradicate issues arising whilst making and using biodiesel

R100 has been tested in a 40 strong fleet of Mercedes Euro 6 lorries over 15 million km

G100 bioglycerin fuel for generators to produce ultra clean electric and heat energy with tailpipe emissions over 90% lower than diesel

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Pure Fuels R100 BioDiesel decarbonises

  • road haulage, agriculture and electricity generation

  • blue chip contracts

  • meeting 2030 CO2 saving targets today

  • working towards meeting 2050 Net Zero


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Our experience of running HGV's for over 20 years on biodiesel shows in terms of


  • cost

  • efficiency

  • ease of use and implementation

  • as well as genuine sustainability

  • NO renewable option compares to R100

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proven over millions of miles...

...biofuel from waste that works



  • the financials stack up

  • it runs in the lorries

  • meets EN14214


take that for our company ethos


  • proven over tens of millions of miles 

  • an affordable

  • truly sustainable fuel

  • that works 24/7

  • and delivers​


This knowledge and experience makes Pure Fuels uniquely placed in helping business meet


both environmental and financial challenges today. 

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