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What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a product which is good for both engine and environment. 


Burning biodiesel results in significantly lower pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions than ordinary mineral fuel. Made from waste biodiesel is 84% cleaner than fossil fuel diesel, produces 60% less particulates (soot) and hydrocarbons, reduces carbon monoxide emissions by up to 50% and reduces sulphur dioxide emissions by up to 100%.


Biodiesel also improves engine life, meaning the engine will need to be repaired and maintained less regularly, which not only benefits the environment but also you and your vehicle. It lubricates the engine and acts as a solvent which cleans your car’s fuel tank and fuel lines.


Finally, the fact that it is recycled waste makes it by its nature a very green alternative. We only offer 100% biodiesel – the perfect fuel with which you can do your part in reducing the city’s emissions!

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