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Cooking Oil Delivery & Waste Collection


Heating Fuel

Energy Efficient Heating at Work or Home

Biodiesel Fuel Boilers


Rather than disposing of waste cooking oil, producing Biodiesel Heating Fuel is a simple solution for new and existing businesses to meet carbon reduction and sustainability targets, and save on energy costs.

A range of commercial boilers are available which are designed to run specifically on either 100% biodiesel, or dual-fuel with natural gas. These will provide on-site generation of renewable heat as well as stored energy to back up your heating and hot water system.


Atlantic Boilers are leaders in this field and have installed a variety of B100 boilers in a diverse range of locations, including Clarence House; the Royal Residence in London, the brand new office development Corby Enterprise Centre, and the University of West Scotland. For more information please visit Atlantic Boilers.


Existing Heating Systems


Biodiesel can also be used in existing heating systems, if they are modified correctly. Oftec registered engineers are available to convert and modify systems. More information on the use of biodiesel for existing heating oil applications can be found here:


Combined Heat and Power (CHP)


Combined heat and power (CHP) is a system that generates electricity whilst additionally harnessing the production of useable heat, which traditionally escapes in the power-producing process. Up to two thirds of the overall energy produced is lost, often seen as a cloud of steam rising from cooling towers. This captured useable heat is then integrated with the generated power in order to heat the building, making the system highly efficient.


Biodiesel can be used to generate on-site heat and power in commercial CHP applications such as schools, hospitals, large residential blocks and manufacturing plants. Large-scale CHP applications are designed to run on 100% biodiesel.


Contact us if you would like to know more about using or installing biodiesel a CHP system for your commercial application, or find out more now at this link.



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