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It has come to our attention that someone is fraudulently using our names & company details and company address to try to set up bulk international contracts. Please be aware that we do not deal in international contracts, we do not supply fresh oils and we STRONGLY ADVISE you to check that the contact details you are using are those on our website - the fraudsters are using a mobile number and email address which is not ours  - we do not use any other e-mails or phone numbers apart from those on the contact page on this website. If you are in any doubt as to the validity of any emails which you may have received with some of our details please forward them to us at for us to verify.



Pure Fuels is the first commercial producer of biodiesel in London:

  • we accept waste vegetable oil and recycle it on site
  • our biodiesel is only made from waste cooking oils
  • we sell via a forecourt style pump from the unit or deliver in bulk
  • our biodiesel can be used for commercial and domestic heating and electricity generation applications CHP, for off road as well on road applications


Pure Fuels BioDiesel:

  • a premium grade environmentally friendly diesel
  • benefits you your engine and your pocket
  • suitable for all diesel engines
  • no conversions required
  • mixes perfectly with ordinary diesel
  • the change is now in your hands






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